My research is focused on the Mediterranean. By reading this "liquid" territory I aim to reestablish a contemporary vision of this geography, taking account of the elements of today's most influential geo-political issues, mirrrored in its landscape.
The key elements standing at the base of my research are the landscape and demography, manifested in this liminal territory where the present clashes and overlaps with the past. By associating these to the instruments of document and collective memory I strive to propose a number of possibilities to alternatively read the contemporary landscape.


1990 - Piazza Armerina, Sicily
BA Media Arts - NABA - Milan
MA Photography - Plymouth University - Plymouth


2017 MAGNUM Graduate Photographers Award - Shortlisted
2016 Internship at MACK
2015 Residency DUE SOUTH Artist Residency - Curated by Marianne Bernstein
2015 Assistant Researcher Lugo Land - Luca Nostri
2014 Shortlist - Bar Tur Photobook Award – Photographers Gallery - London
2014 Archivist - Plymouth University: Photography and the Research - David Chandler

2017 - Due South, Group Exhibition - The Delaware Contemporary, Wilmington, DE, U.S.
2016 - Re-Imagined States, Group Exhibition - Peninsula Arts Gallery - Plymouth, UK
2015 - MiArtè, Group Exhibition - Arte Fiera - Catania, Italy
2015 - This is (not) a Dream, Group Exhibition - Peninsula Art Gallery - Plymouth, UK
2015 - PIYNGYAO IPF, UK Graduate Photographers - Curated by Sian Bonnell - Pingyao, China
2015 - Blue Moon, Group Exhibition - Plymouth University - Plymouth, UK

2014 - Bill Douglas Cinema Museum – Puny Gods Vs. Cinema - Exeter
2013 - Castello Sforzesco - Video Sound Art Festival - Milan

Interni, Vice, Incandescent, FNG Magazine, Stir Online, The Herald Plymouth, Marie Claire