Of Sicily’s recent history, Mafia, America and Independence.

Sicily’s strategic position at the center of the Mediterranean has favored the invasion of different powers aiming at exercising their control on the Mediterranean across the centuries.

The most recent Military invasion of the region dates back to 1943, seeing the Allies powers landing in Sicily for the liberation from the Nazi-Fascist dictatorship.
The American presence in Sicily, since then, have been constantly growing along with its political and structural influence on the region. Hence the idea of the American presence as the umpteenth invader of Sicily, as the Greeks, the Romans, the Phoenicians, the Arabs and the Normans did beforehand.

The "Husky Operation" was not led by democratic ambitions, nor Sicily was the main goal for the Military operation.
The American Mafia is said of having exercised a considerable pressure on the American Government, by setting on fire the boatyard of a U.S. Navy Fleet in New York in 1942. Since then U.S. Government has had to negotiate the price for a help by Lucky Luciano, Lord of the organized crime in New York. as for
its influence on the Italian dockyard laborers who could be the most efficient "eye" against the German U-Bots nightmare. In exchange Luciano’s request was to lead the “husky operation” in Sicily rather than Naples and for the U.S. Army to liaise with certain figures once landed in Sicily.

The story goes that the Sicilians warmly welcomed the Americans as brothers coming back to their native land, thousands of Soldiers had a Sicilian heritage in fact, and Mafia had closely collaborated with the Army in order to get rid of the Fascist incubus. It is said that Don Calogero Vizzini, Boss of Sicilian Mafia in 1943, was taken on an American Tank and travelled around western Sicily for six days to open the door of every town under his own territorial domain. The myth and legends of such connivance of powers takes consistence on the proven nominee of 62 Mafia leaders as Mayors of each town of the province of Palermo during the transitory jurisdiction of the A.M.G.O.T. (Allied Military Government of Occupied Territory).

As a result of such a political anomaly, a retrieved separatist ideology found its breeding ground to produce a heterogeneous movement asking for Sicily’s independence. Taking advantage of the current affinity with the American Government the Separatist movement led the propaganda to annex Sicily as 49th State of America.