Currently on Show at The Delaware Contemporary

Finally back on track with my work!
Despite Donald Trump's election and existence (generally) Art is still a thing in U.S.
Special thanks to the great curator Marianne Bernstein, who selected part of my work to be shown at The Delaware Contemporary among other great artists for the first group exhibition of Due South.  The show will run till the 30th of April

Here is an article by Edith Newhall for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Curated by Marianne Bernstein, Due South is an artistic exchange focused on Sicily encouraging global dialogue in a moment of heightened isolationism and xenophobia. The second in a quartet of island-based investigations initiated by Marianne Bernstein, Due South brings together works by thirty-eight artists who have traveled or lived in Sicily. The multi-year project has generated opportunities for artists to create new work, while embracing collaboration, observation, and process where the outcome is not predetermined. The resulting exhibition explores this enigmatic landscape through its multicultural influences, layered history, personal memory, and the endemic culture of volcanic islands.

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