MAGNUM Graduate Photography Award - Shortlist!

Such great news to be among the 50 Nominees for the MAGNUM Graduate Photography Award!

Many great photographers whom I know personally and whose work I admire are in this list! Wishing the best to everyone. Being on such prestigious list is already an achievement.

Here is one image from my work on the San Berillo district in Catania.

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Currently on Show at The Delaware Contemporary

Finally back on track with my work!
Despite Donald Trump's election and existence (generally) Art is still a thing in U.S.
Special thanks to the great curator Marianne Bernstein, who selected part of my work to be shown at The Delaware Contemporary among other great artists for the first group exhibition of Due South.  The show will run till the 30th of April

Here is an article by Edith Newhall for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Curated by Marianne Bernstein, Due South is an artistic exchange focused on Sicily encouraging global dialogue in a moment of heightened isolationism and xenophobia. The second in a quartet of island-based investigations initiated by Marianne Bernstein, Due South brings together works by thirty-eight artists who have traveled or lived in Sicily. The multi-year project has generated opportunities for artists to create new work, while embracing collaboration, observation, and process where the outcome is not predetermined. The resulting exhibition explores this enigmatic landscape through its multicultural influences, layered history, personal memory, and the endemic culture of volcanic islands.

Stay tuned for more info soon to follow and follow me on IG @glaucocanalis

Unveil'd Photography Festival Exeter

Today sees the opening of Unveil'd Photography Festival in Exter.
I am pleased to be part of the collective exhibition taking place throughout the streets of Exeter, 
Sadly I won't be able to participate but I want to thanks the organizers Tom Coleman, Robert Darch, Jessica Lennan and the rest of their team.
I am happy to be part of this event and above all to support it as the Photography scene in Uk is very much centralized to London and not so much is known about the incredible artists emerging from the South-West for example.

Unveil'd will run 20-23rd October, check their full programme here


I am not used to share very personal posts, especially through my website's diary.
But this is a different case. Melanie Eclare, one of my closest friends, colleagues from University, and Inspiration as an incredibly talented Photographer has been very recently diagnosed an aggressive form of akute leukemia.
Melanie and I have a very close relationship, a mother-son kind of relationship bonded by an immediate mutual love raised since after we met two years ago.
Me and my colleagues at university have created a crowdfunding campaign, where by buying one of our limited edition prints, you will be backing the costs of her cure.

Please open the Crowdfunding page. Select an image and join the cause, and above all share and send your love and thoughts to Melanie. Our energy is fundamental.

Thank you


Due South 2016 - Catania Gathering

Today at 6pm at Scuola Fuori Norma I will showcase a short (slides) presentation of my work, which will be part of the travelling residency Due South 2016, curated by Marianne Bernstein
The selection sees joining together Italian and American artists who's researches are inspired or based in Sicily. Among the others the talented twins Carlo & Fabio Ingrassia, Federico Baronello, Massimo Cristaldi, Cristina LaRocca and many others.
More Infos here

49th State of Mind

After my dear friend Claudio suggested to run a blog aside my website, I decided to take a chance to start this diary by posting the first interview I've ever held in my life.
Few months ago I met Anna Sampson, a very interesting person who is a painter and runs her own magazine called Stir Magazine. After a quick chat the night we met, she then followed me on Instagram and as her interest would rise from my posts she then came up with the proposal of an interview for her magazine. We talked about everything, food, emotions and photography somehow. Read full interview here.